Its All Mind Game

I detested any form of exercise since my childhood. As I a child I had been an avid follower of sports and played a few of them including Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball to name a few. However when it came to standalone exercises I always managed to find an excuse to avoid the same. This attitude … More Its All Mind Game

मामाच्या गावाला जाऊया

परदेशात आपल्या लोकांपासून दूर राहणे हा वेगळा च अनुभव असतो. लहान पणा पासून “अभ्यास कर आणि आपल्या पोट-पाण्या ची सॊय कर रे बाबा” असे शब्द कानावर पडून मोठे झालेलो आम्ही. त्यामुळे उमेदी च्या काळात बाहेर राहून हाताशी असलेल्या वेळेच सोने करणे हा परदेशात राहण्या मागचा उदेश्य. बर हे सगळे प्रापंचिक उंबरठे ओलांडत्ताना मागे आपण बरेच … More मामाच्या गावाला जाऊया

Know your credit worthiness (Schufa Score)

If you are staying in Germany you might be very well aware that most of the services here are governed by signed fixed term contracts. It could be anything right from a Gym enrolment  to Library subscription or an Internet or a telephone connection. There exist multitude of such contracts varying in duration from 3 months to 6 … More Know your credit worthiness (Schufa Score)

2014 in review

As a novice I never thought I have the patience to sit down and write something. However it all started with a post wherein I wanted to share some information to wannabe parents. Surprisingly it was read and commented by many even I received verbal acknowledgements/appreciations which I had never imagined. It was a motivation … More 2014 in review