माया नगरी दुबई

मुंबई जशी हिंदुस्तानाची माया नगरी तसेच दुबई युअेई तील सात तारकां पैकी एक. दिवाळी च्या सुट्टीत दुबई सहली चा योग जुळून आला.  काल चा दुबई दर्शनाचा पहिला दिवस.  आम्ही सगळे फार उत्सुक होतो. एक कॅब आम्हास हाॅटेल वर घेण्यास आली. सुमारे १ तास फिरल्यावर आम्ही पिकअप पाॅईंट वर पोहचलो. नागपूर च्या मे महिन्यातील उकाड्या ला … More माया नगरी दुबई

HoloLens Hands-On: How We Built An App For Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Headset

Microsoft’s HoloLens is no joke. We’ve now tried the company’s latest revision of its unreleased augmented reality headset and even built an app for it. The new hardware, which Microsoft also showcased during its Build developer conference keynote yesterday, feels very solid and the user experience (mostly) delivers on the company’s promises. Read More http://techcrunch.com/2015/04/30/hololens-is-real/?ncid=rss

Mathematical dissection of Indian cuisine

Its a very well known fact that the indian cuisine is at times complicated and time consuming. Westerners typically associate the Indian dishes with attributes such spicy with calorific value etc.  Neverthless the cuisine is unique in itself and carries a specific taste or flavor of its own which is much different than fellow Asian … More Mathematical dissection of Indian cuisine

2014 in review

As a novice I never thought I have the patience to sit down and write something. However it all started with a post wherein I wanted to share some information to wannabe parents. Surprisingly it was read and commented by many even I received verbal acknowledgements/appreciations which I had never imagined. It was a motivation … More 2014 in review

NAAP ke AAP !!

Delhi and for that matter whole India is  “sweeping” with one-liners again. AAP these days in India is a keyword for one liners !! For those who still don’t know AAP=Aam Aadmi Party (symbolizes common man’s party and uses BROOM as its symbol) was responsible for massacre of Congress Party in Delhi elections recently. After … More NAAP ke AAP !!

Qualcomm releases a new type of chip to bet on the connected home

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Qualcomm has introduced a type of processor that combines the low-power expertise that Qualcomm(s qcom) has perfected in the mobile world with radios that it has designed and acquired over the years. The internet processor is the first Qualcomm has designed for a residential gateway device and was developed in preparation…