मामाच्या गावाला जाऊया

परदेशात आपल्या लोकांपासून दूर राहणे हा वेगळा च अनुभव असतो. लहान पणा पासून “अभ्यास कर आणि आपल्या पोट-पाण्या ची सॊय कर रे बाबा” असे शब्द कानावर पडून मोठे झालेलो आम्ही. त्यामुळे उमेदी च्या काळात बाहेर राहून हाताशी असलेल्या वेळेच सोने करणे हा परदेशात राहण्या मागचा उदेश्य. बर हे सगळे प्रापंचिक उंबरठे ओलांडत्ताना मागे आपण बरेच … More मामाच्या गावाला जाऊया

Know your credit worthiness (Schufa Score)

If you are staying in Germany you might be very well aware that most of the services here are governed by signed fixed term contracts. It could be anything right from a Gym enrolment  to Library subscription or an Internet or a telephone connection. There exist multitude of such contracts varying in duration from 3 months to 6 … More Know your credit worthiness (Schufa Score)

We, the people !!

Microsoft has been in the news lately and so is the Indian diaspora bustling with joy. Indeed it might be a proud moment to cherish but there is also a need for the introspection. All social media since yesterday was flowing with news over Satya Nadella’s appointment. In response I had an uncomfortable feeling. But … More We, the people !!