I am a not a professional writer however I always believe in expression. In today’s world we are exposed to a lots of information from various medias which creates a viewpoint. Then there is an urge to express the viewpoint. Hence blogging has become a medium or platform to express one self. This is exactly what I try to achieve here. I may be novice in expressing myself hence your are there – my critics. I hope to improve and put more effort in making the content interesting and uniform. However the idea is not to increase the explicit viewer ship but I believe that good content should always attract the viewers.

With this blog I intend to share my views across my interests which lie in World Politics, a bit of Economics, Current Trends, Cricket and Technology etc. I would also share any good content found on internet by giving the due credits and the source information. The idea is to promote good reads.

Having said that whatever has been expressed through my blogs, it strictly personal and in no way meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Kindly do not take it personally.


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