A body knows itself better 

Few days before I had published a blog  on cancer which tried stress the fact about increasing number of cancer deaths attributed to unhealthy way of living and food habits. I really felt something somewhere is going wrong. 

Any self sustained and well functioning machine or a system has three basic characteristics 

  • Reliability 
  • Availability 
  • Robustness 

A product is considered good enough and well designed, only if it can withstand the test of time against unwelcome circumstances. The thing which ensures above characteristics can be termed as a Shield which keeps things in order. Further it’s our job to take care of this defense mechanism in order to keep the system functioning for longer time. 

The same is true with human body as well. If one sees human body as a system it has all the inbuilt characteristics that makes it reliable, available and robust enough to deal with unwelcome circumstances.  The shield which ensures the same is nothing but our immune system. To keep thebody functioning  normally for a longer duration we just need give the immune system what it needs. Any damage caused to the same will weaken the defense and ultimately crumble the whole machinery.

The blog I wrote then was more driven by emotion owing to the loss of a near dear one but the now I feel the arguments I had put then were/are more or less commensurate with what “Gerson therapy” states.  It has something to do with our overall way of treating our body that makes it sick.

An input to a system can very well determine the output or side effects we get. 

I got driven toward his work and therapy after reading this article – so full credits to that. It just says that in order to gain a healthy living one doesn’t need artificial things. However everything is available with Mother Nature. Just pick up the right things in right combination and that is what your body needs.

As a disclaimer I must say that I’m not a promoter of therapy in itself as I haven’t experienced or practiced it. However the arguments put in this video to me seem to be logical and cannot be ignored completely.
The overall pharma industry which produces drugs for “so called” incurable diesases make million of profits each year. I don’t say they block or fool the customers as I don’t have any direct evidence but the point is when one can spend thousands once the disease appears why not try to prevent it in first place. So even if one is not convinced completely about the overall theory of Mr. Gerson, I just feel including few things like juices in our regular diet might have long lasting benefits. He is not suggesting something out of place, a little consideration might help you secure your future. 

Lastly I was really caught by the following punchonline on his website without which I cannot end this write up…

Let the food be the medicine and medicine be the food.


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