The quality of your mobile connection could soon be linked to your phone bill.

Naive idea but still biased. I feel someone paying whatever amount as a monthly bill he/she is entitled to the same quality of data !!


Imagine this scenario: You’re walking along having a video chat on your mobile phone with a friend, and you stumble into a dead zone in the network — one of those sketchy regions in between cells where speeds suffer and connections are lost. Normally, you’d be booted off your video call as the network strained to deliver the necessary bandwidth, but suddenly a funny thing happens.

In a split second, the network has looked up your billing records and determined that due to the $250 family plan and data bundle you pay each month, you are a high-value customer your carrier wants to keep happy. Then, before your video call has a chance to freeze, the nearest tower boosts its transmission power expanding the circumference of its cell. Instead of being at the edge of the cell, you find yourself closer to its center where the bandwidth is higher and…

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