PRISMified !

Are you PRISMified? If you have hooked onto the world news these days this is the question that could have striked you. Yeah, it’s perfectly all right for one to get surprised, concerned to wake up to the fact that one is getting secretly monitored. The same happened when suddenly the information leaked and world … More PRISMified !

Is globalization really serving the purpose?

Globalisation is a broad term but it basically means two things; increased trade links and increased financial flows across borders. When globalisation started in the 1980s, the expectation was that capital would flow from rich countries to poor but efficient countries, that domestic investments will be financed less and less by domestic savings, that investors … More Is globalization really serving the purpose?

Techno Rush

Today I was sitting outside in my lawn whilst my 2 year toddler was enjoying the early morning sun (the first from this summer). It is a Weekend and since she was enjoying herself I found it quite relaxing 😉 Whilst keeping a casual watch on her slowly I was lost in thoughts and went … More Techno Rush

The rise of Samsung

The cellphones were stacked up high in the Gumi factory yard and more were coming out every minute. Phones, TVs, fax machines, and other gear shattered as it hit the concrete and Samsung CEO Kun-hee Lee and his board cracked the screens and cases with heavy hammers. Then they lit a bonfire and threw everything … More The rise of Samsung