Child’s play

Managing baby’s

What do you think is the toughest job in this world ? May be being a rocket scientist, getting a P.h.d. in Mathematics or being a best sports person on the world etc..  I bet nothing is as tough as it might get whilst managing a baby.

It is very difficult to understand their psyche, reading and understanding what is needed by them. It’s a proven truth that parenting has never ever been an easy job. However the level of difficulty depends very well on your perspective. The more you are open about it the easier it becomes. This post has a touch from my personal experiences and also highlights the positive aspects serving as a motivation for those who are nothing but terrified by the very thought of the same :).

Guyz really its not a rocket science its all about being open and receptive to the changes happening around you. Right from the small adjustments one needs to make in his/her life till keeping patience in the extreme moments where you feel world around you spinning like a hell. Hence I must agree that it’s never easy to manage a baby.  At one time you feel babys are very cranky and ardent however the next moment you think they are too innocent.

On a comic note… I remember one child specialist saying…

If your child is cranky then either he/she;

  • is hungry
  • needs mother
  • is bored and wants you to entertain him/her
  • nothing special – just like that not in a right mood 🙂

However I believe that was really on comic note and I agree with all the points except the last one.  The basic principle from my experience is that nothing in this world is without reason. If you try to figure out why a kid or a baby is behaving a certain way I am sure you will easily appease them.

Just to give you an example, my daughter use to be really cranky at sleeping time. We used to think its because she is feeling to sleepy and we are not taking her to the bed at the right time. However whenever we did that, she never used sleep and used to start playing. Each day we used to get frustrated wasting an hour or so and finally she used to sleep crying which was definitely not a good sign. It was clear that she did not like to sleep. Then we had to figure out some way. After several trial and errors we thought we need to make it somehow interesting for her. So we packaged that together with an interesting story where all the characters at the end go to sleep. And vola it worked ! Now my daughter likes it so much that she gets herself ready every evening to hear the story and gets engrossed in the same (probably putting herself in one of the characters 🙂 ) and sleeps peacefully. At the end result is good we feel nice, she is comfortable. It was such a simple solution which we didn’t realise for a long time.

I always wonder how these baby sitters manage not only one but many such cranky babys. 🙂 However jokes apart I always try to draw some inspiration from them. They have mastered the tricks of the trade (like the one above) – not just because its part of their job but they way they have acquired the skill of doing so.

There is actually a lot to learn from kids as well. Recently I understood they are always up to something. Their learning process never ceases – they have a capacity to assimilate things at much faster rate than adults. And as an adult there so much to gain for them. Looking at my 1 year toddler I always admire her perseverance, patience and readiness to learn new things. How much of that is true for we as adults?

Finally I must say that the parenting is indeed tough job if not taken seriously.  At the same time I now also realize the sacrifices made by my parents to make us what I am today.


2 thoughts on “Child’s play

  1. very well said..i agree that there is a reason behind evry individual’s action and reaction. Figuring that out in case of kids makes it bit difficult. But these little memories wil be forever be cherished 🙂

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