The IPL saga

Recently the country’s biggest sport event “The Pepsi IPL” was marred by all sorts of controversies leading to betting and match fixing.  It all started with arrest of few small time cricketers, which then evolved into some big fishes getting dragged into controversies, and finally each day looks like unfolding some new stories keeping people … More The IPL saga

Google’s Impressive “Conversational Search” Goes Live On Chrome

The “conversational search” that Google demonstrated at last week’s Google I/O conference is now available to users of its Chrome browser, and it’s a significant leap in how we use search engines. I’m 17 years now into writing about search, and I’ve seen all types of things that have promised to revolutionize the space, especially … More Google’s Impressive “Conversational Search” Goes Live On Chrome

Child’s play

Managing baby’s What do you think is the toughest job in this world ? May be being a rocket scientist, getting a P.h.d. in Mathematics or being a best sports person on the world etc..  I bet nothing is as tough as it might get whilst managing a baby. It is very difficult to understand … More Child’s play